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Small Lot Custom Development

If you have a skin care or hair product idea that you would like to bring to market and have a limited budget, Salient Labs is your ideal partner. We work with several chemists that have a wide variety of skill sets that can assist you on developing any OTC product. We can help you determine the product scope in terms of bio activity, aesthetic appeal & preservative platform. Whether you need scientifically backed application or an all natural product, we assist you in creating the ideal product for your consumers.

Our development process works as follows:

  1. Initial interview and scope development with pricing parameters.
  2. Create a provisional formula on paper.
  3. Develop up two three working prototypes.
  4. Assist you choosing appropriate packaging.
  5. Present production and delivery timeline

If you elect to own the formula, we offer several payment plans that will make it flexible
for you to purchase. If you should outgrow small lot production runs, we can assist you in sourcing another contract manufacturer to meet your growth needs.

Make sure you see our services section to see what additional services we also provide
that can help you bring your product(s) to market.

Custom Project Spotlight

A renowned dermatologist that specializes in the treatment of ethnic hair treatment approached Salient Labs with the idea of creating a product that would help mend and prevent hair breakage. After some research we found a novel technology that helps bind active ingredients to the hair. We were able to develop a groundbreaking product that exceeded the expectations of the doctor.








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