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Formulating Brilliance For You

Our focus is on what is important…creating for you a product that is essential, meaningful, relevant, and influential…that’s SALIENT

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Getting Started

Our Simple 3 Step Process To Create a New Cosmetic Product

1 Product Discovery

An in-depth consultation by our experts to determine the type of product along with key elements and use.

2 Product Scope

A working document that outlines the brand, consumer target, type of application, sensory attributes, and essential ingredients.

3 Prototype

An initial sample produced for evaluation allowing for adjustments within product scope such as viscosity, feel, or fragrance and other minor changes.


Research and Development- Formulating to your specifications

We combine our decades of experience along with your passions and ideas to bring your remarkable products to market.

Contract Manufacturing- Focused on the big picture and small details

We provide quality manufacturing in an FDA registered, GMP compliant facility with transparency through meaningful communication and attention to all the details that create your complete product ready for the market.


Private Label- Providing professional formulations in Advanced Skincare, Haircare, and Personal Care ready for your branding

We offer a unique array of products with scientifically proven active ingredients with low minimum orders.

The Work We Do and Love Doing

Brand & Logo Design

Salient Labs utilizes its expertise for brand creation and logo design to help you make a statement as to who you are in the market.

Custom Fragrance & Scent

Salient labs has its own library of various essential oils, natural scents and fragrances. We can source your specialty scent or create a customized fragrance that defines your product.


Salient Labs can handle the storage, logistics, and shipment of your products to clients as a fulfillment facility.

Package Design & Sourcing

Salient Labs has established a network of connections with suppliers for anything from specialized packaging to daily necessities. We can assist your business in finding the ideal packaging to suit the demands of your products and their appearance.


Salient Labs can assist you with label design and label sourcing to meet all of your packaging requirements. We have the tools necessary to handle most label applications.

FDA Compliance

Salient Labs will examine your product’s label to ensure that you are adhering to the FDA’s requirements for cosmetic labeling. Additionally, we can help you with your cosmetic product listings and annual filing revisions mandated by the FDA according to the Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act (MOCRA).