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Research & Development

We combine our decades of experience along with your passions and ideas to bring your remarkable products to market.

Our Process

Expert research analysis

An in-depth consultation by our experts to determine the type of product along with key elements and use.

Initial consultation regarding product development

50% deposit of the development fee

Completion of product scope questionnaire

Spelling it all out

A working document that outlines the brand, consumer target, type of application, sensory attributes, and essential ingredients.

Decide if you want to emulate an existing formula or create a completely new formula

We will create a theoretical formula and send you the list of ingredients for approval. You can then request to add, substitute or remove ingredients

Approve the formula or request a revision

Begin prototype development

Bringing the vision to life

An initial sample produced for evaluation allowing for adjustments within product scope such as viscosity, feel, or fragrance and other minor changes.

Prototype evaluation

Approve prototype or revise prototype and request changes (three prototypes allowed)

Remaining balance due of formulation fee

Once payment has been received the final formula is sent to you which becomes your intellectual property and you may request lab batches

Prepare your product for consumers

We provide lab batches up to 100 units once your formulation is approved. Lab batches are used to evaluate results. This gives your business the chance to make the final decisions on the quantity of each batch, the packaging, the decoration, the shipping, and any extra point-of-sale materials required to launch your new product.

Take the first step to get started on your product

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Formulation Pricing Tiers

Whether you want to emulate products already on the market or need the expertise of our chemists to formulate novel or innovative products, we are your ideal partner. We develop formulations for optimized delivery vehicles, new and cutting edge active ingredients, and complex cosmetic appeal.

Basic Formulation


$200 Applied back to first production

Our most cost effective way for you to launch a new product

Custom Formulation


$500 Applied back to first production

Creates a unique formulation where you can own your own intellectual property

Advanced Formulation


$1,000 Applied back to first production

Formulation for new innovative ingredients and applications where you own your own intellectual property

Salient Labs is perfection--their vitamin C+E formula is possibly the best out there. The micro-encapsulated ascorbic acid means it WORKS. And like no other vitamin C formulation I've ever used. I'm proud to offer it to my own customers who are looking for effective skincare.

Leanne ElyEntrepreneur - Food / Nutrition / Skincare